Living Humanely

Living humanely – can’t just be a part-time job

Hello, one and all.

I should start off by saying Happy New Year to my readers. It has been a while since I have blogged, I apologize for that. I am busy collecting data for my dissertation, which is looking at social justice concepts through movement and perspectives towards transformative physical education. This is a very enjoyable process and I am learning a phenomenal amount that I will be able to take forward in my life, professionally and personally.

I have been particularly inclined to write this blog for a couple of reasons and I am going to start by telling you a story about my day.

This morning I woke up ready and raring for Monday. Everyone dreads Mondays but I tend to work on the weekends so it’s not an issue for me. I see it as a new day where I can experience new things and get lots done. It was early enough for me to run around the local golf course prior to its opening, so I laid out my clothes for the day (yes I am very organized!) and headed off on my run. I was only about a mile in and I saw a group of six males free-hitting golf balls into the lake, I hesitated, do I run past them or turn back? Yesterday, when I was running a gentleman, hung out the window, gawped at me and beeped his horn several times…. No, I did not know him. I felt a little nervous but I was confident enough to continue on the path I was on, seeing as technically the course hadn’t opened to the public yet. I was within hearing distance when I heard the gentlemen shouting “this is no place for a woman”, then I saw a golf ball shoot over my head and narrowly miss me, several more came. I ran fast enough to get behind a tree, without being hit and continue on whilst listening to them laughing. I felt uncomfortable running so I ended up doing a shorter route and made my way back home.

Now, I shan’t pass too much judgment on this story, I’ll let you make up your own opinion. But I will say that this incident shook me up a little and made me realize that my journey of becoming more humane should not be impacted by such events. Something I have actively been trying to do for the last two years is be more conscious of what I say, do, teach and live. This is one of the reasons I chose to adopt a vegan lifestyle and I attempt to have a small environmental impact as much as I possibly can. On the remainder of my run, I initially thought how ironic it was that I had been thinking about my dissertation – movement and social justice intertwined yet I had run into an issue of diversity whilst moving. I felt an ignited passion for the subject I am so invested in and no matter an individual’s: sex, gender, ability, race, age, religion or national origin nobody has the right to be discriminated against. I urge you to take action against these things in your classes and explicitly address issues that affect student’s day in and day out. As teachers we need to be active in the fight for social justice, society is not abstract to our role as an educator.

It was also ironic I laid this shirt out to wear…


I will continue to run around the golf course and share my message about living more humanely in every aspect of our lives.  I want to know what you do to live humanely? How do you as a teacher address social justice concepts in the classroom or gym?

Have a great day!

Useful Resources [take what you want/need from them — use your critical eye — consider — is it appropriate for my students?]:

The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN):

Bullying prevention:

Disability awareness:

Race, racism and police violence:


Transgender inclusion:

[Feel free to add to this list by adding comments below]

Written by Shrehan Lynch – January 22, 2018

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