Gifting Resources

Dear loyal readers,

I began this blog in an attempt to share resources about social justice/ antiracist pedagogies/ community work, for emotive writing, and to transform in the power of words. Whilst I haven’t been a regular or consistent blogger post PhD, the reach has been monumental and blogs have been read in over 30 countries, thousands of times, and shared with friends, families, and colleagues. Thank you for supporting me in that journey and your loyal readership. However, since I started the blog, my work-life balance has changed and it is time for me to remind myself to live simply once again. Sharing resources are one way that we can begin to live simply and enhances our capacity to love in the sense that love is care, trust, commitment, respect, knowledge, and responsibility (hooks, 2001). Thus, with great pleasure, I gift this blog over to my community and specifically one of my students, friend, and colleague Laura Mcbean. Please continue to support physicaleducationthoughts in order to question your practice, reflect, and live in this precious world more consciously. I will do the same, but at the writing of others entering our profession.

Be the change you want to see in the world. Share more. Expect less. Love is the crux of an anti-capitalist society, use only the materials you need and thrive living consciously.

Feel free to keep in touch via email:

hooks, b. 2001. All about love. USA: William Morris.

Written by Shrehan Lynch, August 20, 2019


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