January 2020 Conferences

Just a quick one from me to highlight two upcoming conferences that I will be delivering workshops at. I am new to this, so your support is welcomed!! 

First stop:

Diverse Educators III

Saturday 11thJanuary 2020 @ Upton Court Grammar School

My workshop titled ‘sPEaking Out’ will explore my journey so far as a new physical education teacher and as a contributor to BAMEPE. Without giving too much away, we have observed that PE as a subject is essentially missing from environments outside of itself. This is something that we are actively trying to change through our expanding BAMEPE network (@BAME_PE). BAMEPE will also be exhibiting at this event so please come and find us.

Below I have provided the ticket link, you can also find more information on Twitter (@DiverseEd2020):


Second stop:

BAMEed Annual London Event “Keeping Resolutions”

Saturday 18thJanuary 2020 @ The University of East London

My workshop titled ‘New rules, new house!’ will introduce BAMEPE (@BAME_PE) and the work being done to engage in social justice within our community. Our resolution: Actionable change will be explored through our vision, aims, and actions. 

 For more information on this event check out @BAMEedNetwork on Twitter, you can purchase tickets here:


Hopefully, we will see you there!

Written by Laura McBean – December 8 2019

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