Who are we? 

This blog was created by Shrehan Lynch at the University of East London (UEL). Shrehan teaches on the physical education PGCE, School Direct, and Apprenticeship programmes. Before her appointment at UEL, she was a qualitative research assistant and teaching faculty at the University of Alabama where she completed her PhD in Sport Pedagogy. She started this blog to share resources about social justice/ antiracist pedagogies/ community work, for emotive writing, and to transform in the power of words. In her final blog ‘Gifting Resources’ she outlined that she gifted the blog to upcoming scholars entering the field to give them a platform to share and live as more conscious beings.

The first scholar taking over the task is me, Laura McBean. I have just completed my PGCE in physical education at the University of East London. Prior to this, I pursued a variety of weird and wonderful careers. My educational background includes two stints at the University of Roehampton, where I completed my undergraduate and masters degrees in Sport and Exercise Science. As a new entrant to the field of physical education, I recognise that I have so much to learn. Shrehan has been instrumental in the process so far and I am very grateful to be given this opportunity to have a platform to share my journey. An introductory blog is to follow!

Notes on my blog (written by Shrehan in 2017):-

– Everything is entirely my own opinion unless stated

– Feel free to disagree with me, it challenges my thinking and brings new perspectives into the reflection

– I would not class myself as the best writer, I aim to improve over time with more writing practice so do ignore any grammar mistakes!

– Remember writing is an emotional performative act

Notes on my blog (written by Laura in 2019):

– Views are mine unless otherwise stated

– I am new to all of this, I am a work in progress and I hope to continue to grow through not only sharing my views but by engaging with others.